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1. Ta-Nehisi Coates on Oscar Pistorius.
As always, TNC delivers a different and eloquent perspective.

2. Ball rolling: perhaps a tumbleweed?
I was over at A Plain Blog yesterday talking about a recent tipping point in public opinion statistics on the War on Drugs (among other things). I knew about these guys, but am just finding out about the Ipsos MORI poll which lists UK opinion as having shifted as well.

3. Paul Krguman doing what he does.
This time, he’s doing it to Simpson/Bowles.

4. A nice piece on demographics and immigration.
Sean Sullivan reminds us that in a nation built on immigration, policy on immigration and integration will always matter if you wait long enough.

5. And Steve Benen talks about rational government.
He’s touched on this several times before, as has Jonathan Chait, and a number of others including Mann and Ornstein.

Another member of the Jonathan Caucus has often mentioned that when Aaron Sorkin gets to write both sides, life is a lot less messy than reality. But sometimes, good drama sells a point that has been well-made by more sober analysis better than the sausage-making does. So I’m going to leave you with a clip of Sorkin doing what he does best, to a pattern of thought that richly deserves it:


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