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Goes to Unity over at Ministry of Truth for a delightful post on pro Wrestling and the existential fear that right-wing apologists feel in the face of satire.

It’s one of the perennial markers of a movement like Limbaugh and Beck, or like Republicans in Congress, or the TEA-Party, which they do not share with similarly egregious political actors who are more secure in their intellectual footing (like Thatcher). The Iron Lady had no problem with Yes Prime Minister, and accepted what Spitting Image did to her with considerable humour, and they were a lot sharper than anyone on US television except possibly Parker and Stone. Public hair-dos like Limbaugh and Hannity are permanently terrified of successful ridicule. They cannot permit themselves, or anyone who might vaguely be recognisable as being intended to resemble them, to be satirised. When your power relies entirely on no-one noticing you’re naked, you get really twitchy about kids carrying mirrors.

I haven’t had a good word for pro wrestling since Steve Austin quit the first time, but I would like to seriously applaud Wayne Keown and his colleague Jake Hager for handing out a legendary come-uppance to to the richly deserving Glenn Beck.

This the first time I’ve seen pro wrestlers break the fourth wall of their industry in a worthy cause. Beck set himself up for this one with gusto and should have rightly expected to get smacked into the stands with a chair. For one thing, confusing pro wrestling with a sport is dumb. For another, confusing full-contact pantomime with political commentary is dumb. To go on with, actively calling out a class of entertainer whose entire trade consists of helping loud, dumb, testosterone-laden blowhards make fools of themselves in public is pretty stupid if, well, if you’re Glenn Beck. I mean really.

And finally, along with insulting pro wrestlers for daring to write a plot-line that features a satire on the TEA-party alongside a satire on Zoro, Glenn Beck just picked a fight he was guaranteed to lose right in front of his primary target audience. I mean, think about it: wrestling fans? Stereotypically, we’re talking about angry drunk rednecks, here. Glen Beck fans? Well…

Good catch, Unity!


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