Trawling On

Another gap in keyboard-time, so here’s what stuck out:

1. Science is awesome
The Guardian have a useful column debunking some common folk psychology. Also Scientific American have a good article on temperature trends. The article does a good job of highlighting that it’s not the absolute numbers which are so unusual about recent warming trends, but the speed; last time we warmed up that far, it took over three thousand years to happen. This time it took less than a hundred.

2. Economics is hard sums (for Dave and George, anyway)
Simon Wren-Lewis breaks down Cameron’s speech on the economy and points out that it’s fatally flawed, assuming it’s not deliberately mendacious. Stephanie Flanders notes that Cameron’s loose approach to the facts earned him a public slap-down from the OBR for misrepresenting them. That’s really very unusual indeed, as Wren-Lewis discusses in his follow-up post.

3. TNC on fine form in the NYT.
Ta-Nehisi Coates is one of the best writers around on several topics. He’s particularly good at issues like this one. He cobmines the lived experience of the West Baltimore streets during the Crack Wars with a sharp analytical mind, an extensive self-education and a real touch for beautiful prose. He follows up the Times article with a further discussion in his regular Atlantic berth.


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