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Roll up! Roll up! (part 2)

The ‘dogs not barking’ news for this week is that they’re rolling up, smoking bowls and having a high old time in the Rockies, and yet the zombie apocalypse has not yet arrived. In addition to President Obama’s recent foray into rational commentary in the New Yorker, there’ve been a whole bunch of other developments.

Note that Britain remains staunchly unaffected by this wave of rational policy-making. Shocker.

That’s a lot of rolling balls.

H/t to PolicyMic, who found this map and then had a look around the events it documents. Well worth a read.

1. State by State by Nation
This week brought news that Bill Gates supported legalisation in Washington State in 2012, and continues to support the process. We’ve got legislative agendas making the news in a whole bunch of places: Indiana, Maryland, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Oh, and Finland. A note of caution is that none of these are laws yet; but several of them may well become so. As I suggested last post, President Obama seems to be quite happy to let We, The People force him into doing the right thing; and I think it’s good political strategy. I suspect that at the point where there are more states with medical marijuana than without, we might see some actual machinery get into gear in the halls of power. It’s worth noting also that we only need a couple more states for that to happen.

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Roll Up, Roll Up! (part 1)

It’s been a week or so since I’ve had the keyboard time to work on the blog, and a great deal has been happening. So it’s time for an analysis of the headline news, followed in a second post by an epic link-dump.

Obama Cares?

This is a smart guy, even when I disagree with him.

Mr. President

President Obama may not be the liberal I and many others hoped he was, but I am increasingly convinced that he’s a very smart guy, and sneaky enough to impress Thomas Cromwell. Given the unprecedented (literally, by the numbers) obstructionism he’s faced on the Hill, the fact that he’s got anything done at all in the last five years is impressive. Everyone’s been watching him like a hawk throughout his second term to see what signals he’d send about federal response to Colorado and Washington passing ballot-legalisation measures for cannabis. Until after the Colorado regulation regime went into effect on 1st January, he said very little and most of not overwhelmingly positive, allowing the Beltway Bandits to fulminate on behalf of the Executive Branch. Then recently he said something very different:

“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”
    – Interview by David Remnick of the New Yorker

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