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This England…

* dries eyes * Oh my. Anyone, anywhere, who is baffled and bewildered by the English and their ways needs to read all of this blog, now. Hat tipped to the wonderful Cavalorn.


Say what now?

This is old, but it’s really funny, and I have a thing for Bobby Kennedy conspiracy theories. I’ve heard the one about the mind-control conspiracy (which is in Sirhan’s parole hearing strategy, among other places). I’ve heard about the guy holding his arm who said he couldn’t have shot Kennedy, and the bullet count theory, which claim a second gunman (neither adds up). But I’ve never heard this delightful piece of buffoonery from Rush Limbaugh shortly after the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords:

Mr. Kennedy, your uncle was shot by a communist, Lee Harvey Oswold. Your other uncle, Robert Kennedy, was shot by a militant Islamist, Sirhan Sirhan. In neither case, were your uncle’s assassins related to Sarah Palin in any way.

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Haddock of Today

Goes to Unity over at Ministry of Truth for a delightful post on pro Wrestling and the existential fear that right-wing apologists feel in the face of satire.

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